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Bokura no Meikyu (Our Labyrinth) Chapter 01 Release

Hiya everyone! The chapter has been released so please click on this link to read chapter one. The new releases will be on my new websites, BC Novels. Thanks for your support!

the hero suddenly proposed to me, but (chapter 8)

Chapter 12.2: The hero suddenly proposed to me, but . . .

I have a new website at so I will be posting the manga there. I like it there because I own that domain, so wish me luck! Here is the post on BCNovels. By the way, if you use reddit then please support my reddit thread. I think I will still post here since […]

Every day the protagonist wants to capture me

Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

New project! click here to read it —> Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me This is a Chinese web novel that I am translating into English. It’s the story of Chu Yu, a man from modern day China who likes to read web novels on the internet. One day as he was browsing […]


Chapter 12.1: The hero suddenly proposed to me, but . . .

I finally finished this chapter of Yuusha-sama ni Ikinari Kyuukonsareta no Desu ga aka The hero suddenly proposed to me, but . . . Sorry for the wait, I wanted to get some help on this but I was not able to synchronize schedules. I was also ill but I’m okay, it’s nothing serious. By […]

Update – June and July

Sorry for the delay, I have been ill. I normally try to release something every month but IRL has been tough. I should be back doing more updates in July.

New Project Announcement! Bokura no Meikyu

I have picked up a new project: Bokura no Meikyu (ぼくらのめいきゅー meaning “Our Labyrinth”) by Omega Giga. You can find the raws here: Summary: A class of ordinary high school students suddenly find that their school has turned into a dungeon. It’s a short web comic comedy series with 3 chapters. I picked this […]

Chapter 11: The hero suddenly proposed to me, but . . .