Chapter 10 Sneak Peek


  1. But it is can be interesting concept idea plot!


  2. I almost got heart attack!
    Please don’t try this at home okay.

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  3. […] in case you missed it, I made an April Fool’s joke preview of chapter 10. You can find it here. I just spliced together some panels and made […]


  4. […] Aria and Greed’s gang discuss his wealth and fortune. More of his backstory is also revealed. Part 2 has also been published today. It’s super exciting so don’t miss […]


  5. omg I fell for this!! xDDD
    Awesome joke! for a moment, I really thought it was true! (and actually, if something like that were to happen, it would be way too awesome :p )

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    1. Glad you liked it!


  6. Lumina_luna · · Reply

    hehehehe… april fools.


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    1. 😀 I couldn’t let the day pass without me posting at least something to chuckle about.

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