Chapter 008: The hero suddenly proposed to me, but . . .


Here it is, chapter 8 of “The hero suddenly proposed to me, but . . .”

Today marks the first time Flower Clocks has a double chapter release. It would not have been possible without a donation from RelaxAndUnwind. Thank you very much! I have not been actively looking for any donations but some people have asked about it. I therefore have mad a Patreon and hope to have your support. Donation is purely voluntary. The money will be used to pay for the translations that I commission.


This chapter was extensively edited by me. I got the raw translation as a text file and worked from there. I thought of making the translation more… um clear? Like, the original translation that I got back from the person I commissioned was:

It isn’t just Renus’ celestial magic

Now, that sounds right enough but slightly “off.” I mean, in games and stories there isn’t really much “celestial magic” being done by priests. Rather it’s normally referred to as “holy” magic. It’s celestial in the sense of it having a heavenly/otherworldly source so I decided to use “divine magic” as a more fitting translation. BTW, google translate say that bubble means “not only the sacred magic of Lennus.”

Having said that, the next chapter was completely done by the same translation. To make things faster (since a few readers have been complaining about the releases being slow, next up is the raw and unedited chapter 9.

You might notice that the translation of the two chapters are not exactly alike. I would normally have also edited chapter 9, too. However, as I said, people want the faster release so here it is.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy today’s double release.


  1. lyxiasclawenhart · · Reply

    Greed is adorbs ;u; Thank you for the chapter~


  2. Thank you for the chapter! I’ve always liked it when a yandere succeeds c:


  3. If you want one-time donations, I recommend setting up a or a paypal donation link. That is far better than one month on patreon.


    1. Thanks. I will need to look into that. Not sure it’s worth the bother though? I mean, will anyone even donate?


      1. They will, trust me.


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