The current status of the Alice in the Country of Hearts series

The manga series:

Alice in the Country of Hearts
Alice in the Country of Hearts: Wonderful Twin World
Alice in the Country of Clover
Alice in the Country of Joker
Alice in the Country of Diamond

… were all published in Japan by Quinrose and licensed by Seven Seas Manga in the US. However, due to the closure of Quinrose in Japan, the last few manga volumes that were supposed to be published in English by Seven Seas will no longer be released in the US.

In short, since there will be official release it is up to the fans to make their own fan translations of

  • Alice in the Country of Hearts: White Rabbit and Some Afternoon Tea Vol. 2
    Alice in Twin World
  • Alice in the Country of Diamonds: Junk Box Diamonds
  • … and all of the other mangas, spin offs, and doujinshi.

I was really looking forward to the Twin World volume in particular and to possible future volumes since there are still a lot more routes that have not been adapted into manga form.

Today’s writing prompt: Jeopardize

Gosh, I think there has been news about Quinrose not having a lot of sales. I read that their latest game only sold 3,000 copies. But I’m sure I never thought this would actually jeopardize their financial wellbeing that much since the manga series did sell quite well. It’s just too bad they couldn’t recover.


  1. Thanks for the post! I was wondering why there were no more tanks of Alice being released. I had pre-ordered the above mentioned volumes way back when they first appeared on RS but got worried when I couldn’t find them again…

    Sad days, I didn’t know that about QuinRose 😦 I really enjoyed their Alice manga and even Crimson Empire was cute (although super short).

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    1. Yes, it seems that we cannot get more English releases anymore. 😦 Too bad, the latest game, Alice in the Country of Diamonds, is very interesting. I was hoping for even more manga based on that, as well as more of my favorite pairings.

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      1. Same here all the way 😦 Also, I wanted to support these shojo/josei-y type manga in hopes that Seven Seas would release more like them.
        I was especially hoping maybe more of the novels would get translated but le sigh 😦

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  2. […] English since Quinrose has closed down and, consequently, the US publisher had dropped this manga. More info here. For general information about the Alice series and links to some great downloads, visit […]


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